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Sewage treatment plants

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S T P (Sewage Treatment Plants)

Sewage refers to liquid wastes containing a mixture of human feces and wastewater from non-industrial human activities such as bathing, washing, and cleaning. In many poor areas of the world, sewage is dumped into local waterways, in the absence of practical alternatives

Untreated sewage poses a major risk to human health since it contains waterborne pathogens that can cause serious human illness. Untreated sewage also destroys aquatic ecosystems, threatening human livelihoods, when the associated biological oxygen demand and nutrient loading deplete oxygen in the water to levels too low to sustain life.Type your paragraph here.

Even where water based toilets are available, the wastes are far too often just discharged into drains and streams, in the absence of (expensive) collection and treatment systems. As a result, surface waters in many urban areas are highly contaminated with human waste. In areas with pit latrines, seepage into local groundwater is often a major problem, since many communities rely on shallow wells for drinking water.

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We work across all the STP technologies - ASP,SBR, MBR, MBBR, SAFF, FAB,etc. We choose STP technology according to client applications.

STP’S use the unique process of Bacterial Decomposition to lower the organic load. The colonies of bacteria are literally factories for the production of enzymes which reduce the organic load. All treatment plants should be designed to take advantage of the decomposition of organic materials by aerobic bacterial activity. This is something you can equate to lower costs, increased capacity, and an improved quality of effluent.We offer End-to-End Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) services In Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) design and development

    Market Research

  • Guidance In technology selection for STP
  • Detailed CAD design of STP
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Help / guidance in relevant approvals (optional)
  • Breakdown maintenance (post-delivery)
  • Ongoing supply of consumables.
  • AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract- post delivery

Key Benefits of Engaging with Us :

Lower Costs due to cultured bacteria Technology.

We have specially cultured, selected aerobic bacteria which can enhance performance of any standard STP.

Higher load of aerobic bacteria means smaller size of STP tanks and lower consumables consumption.

Our technology ensures lowest capex cost while assuring compliance with PCB norms.

We are Unique because We combine both water engineering and biotechnology

    Three months - Operation at Free of cost
  • We operate the plant free of cost for the first three months
  • Our person will be deputed at site for first 3 Months.

    Second Back up of Sewage pump
  • We provide stand by pump – during emergency break down of equalization tank pumps
  • Our service person delivers the pump at site and operates in case of emergency.
  • Pump is self-priming with starter, inlet and outlet flexible fire hoses.

    Stand by blower provision
  • We provide stand by blower in case of any of the blower’s failure at site.
  • O & M of STP & Waste water RO’s

    AMC Service
  • We under take Annual Maintenance Contract at chargeable basis – post 3 months.
    No Smell, No Pathogen, No Chlorine

  • Treated waste water is usually smelly ​ because ​ of Hydrogen Sulfide and has a lot of microbes.

  • We have innovative solutions to absorb Hydrogen Sulfide which can make treated waste water odor free.

  • We can remove pathogen from treated water using resins instead of using Chlorine. Chlorine is known to produce carcinogenic agents (Trihalomethanes) with organic material. Since STP water is full of organic material, chlorine should be avoided.
  • Above innovations ensure valuable re-use of treated water in areas such as landscaping, flushing, car washing and other cleaning area etc.
    Optimum Space Utilization

  • We are design experts. We can help design STPs specific to match / suit your uneven terrain location with innovative solutions such as STPs below the swimming pools, parking area, children play area etc. thus ensuring optimal use of land availability.